This Sunday's Talks

What's Your Story?

Emma West

In the morning services this week, Emma West spoke on the theme of story, sharing some of her own story with us and encouraging us to think about our own.

Holding on to Hope

Alex Escobar

At the 18:30 service Alex Escobar shared an encouraging message of hope and the promises of God.

Recent Series

Christmas 2019

Jonny Grant, Esther Grant & Julia Bloore

Esther Series

Jonny Grant, Matt Bruns, & Esther Grant

October 2019

Hearing God Series

Sally Shanks, Jonny Grant, Sam Bloore, Esther Grant, Brendon Blade, Lou Bridges, David & Greta Peters.

Sept/Oct 2019

The Relationship Series

Jonny Grant,Esther Grant, Matt Bruns, Rachel Bruns, Sam Bloore, Alex Escobar, Jo Robertson

August 2019

Worship Life Series

Jonny Grant, Chris Cope, Matt Bruns, Sam Bloore

June 2019

Guest Speakers

The Kingdom... and the King

Bishop Justin Duckworth

Mark 1: 14-20

Justin Duckworth, the Bishop of Wellington, speaks out of Mark’s Gospel about what it means that "the Kingdom of God has come near" and how we follow Jesus, its King.

Practising God's Presence

Cindy Ruakere

We were privileged to welcome Cindy Ruakere back to St Paul’s on Sunday 21 July. Cindy embodies the pioneering spirit of New Zealand through her speaking, worship, and prophetic ministry. Her message is in two parts: Part 1 is her talk at the 9am service, and Part 2 is her talk at the 11am service.

Featured Podcasts

The Power of the Prophetic

Brendon Blade

When God sees beyond what we see

Jonny Grant

Occasionally it dawns on us just how outrageous our beliefs are as Christians — that 'Jesus is the eternal and infinite God in the flesh' is quite hard to comprehend, let alone to rearrange our whole lives around. This was the same reality that slowly dawned on the people in the Gospels. Even when they saw God’s power in action, like in the story of Lazarus, it was still hard to believe. In this talk, Jonny explores the incredible reality at the heart of our faith and how we might respond.

What is true faith?

Matt Bruns

In this talk, Matt unpacks another life changing encounter in John’s Gospel resulting in a surprising and miraculous outcome. It’s so easy in life to chase after the spectacular or sensational and miss the One who lies behind these miracles and signs. This story speaks to us about what true faith looks like and invites us into a new and deeper level of trust in Jesus.   

Jesus loves me this I know

Esther Grant

"Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so…” We all know the song, but do we believe it and how does this truth change the way we live? In this talk, Esther explores this question and how the truth has impacted her life.

Fruits of the cynic

Sam Bloore

It goes without saying (no pun intended) that language is vital for communication and relationship. But language can also be a funny thing – not least because it can change so much over time. In this talks, Sam looks at a couple of words in the Christian faith that we might be tempted to remove, replace or water down.




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