This Sunday's Talks

Pentecost Pt 14

Acts 28: 11-31 (NIV)

Jonny Grant

Jonny closes out our journey to Rome with Paul, as a prisoner on a mission. What can we learn about discernment in our own lives of faith from the wounded apostle? We sing the lyrics ‘I am who you say I am’, but do we know who that is?

Look Up Pt 1

Emma West

Emma explores the concept of Identity and invites us to Look Up for the answer to that question.

Current Series

Pentecost 2020

June 2020


Sam Bloore, Jonny Grant, Esther Grant, Emma West, Hugh Ozumba, Matt Bruns, The River Team, Alex Escobar, Chris Cope, Sally Shanks

Lockdown Sessions

Lockdown Sessions 4 | A Conversation about Hope, Transformation, and Homelessness

Chris Farrelly

This podcast offers a rare and thought-provoking insight into the life and world of Chris Farrelly, CEO of the City Mission. An engaging and deep conversation from someone who has a lot to teach us about life, vocation, and serving those in need around us. We discuss some of the common misconceptions people have towards those in the homeless community and hear stories about what is possible when people are supported and cared for with dignity, respect, and offered another chance at life.

There is also a special announcement about how you can support the City Mission’s vital work by listening to a new song by Neil Finn and Fleetwood Mac on all the usual music platforms!

Lockdown Sessions 3  | Navigating redundancy in a time of crisis

Ben Green

This week we’re joined by Ben as he talks us through his experience of losing his job unexpectedly and how he navigated that personally, professionally and spiritually. This pertinent and practical conversation offers insights, wisdom and tips for not only surviving redundancy but growing and finding meaning through it. What impact might this have on our identity and why is that so important? Where does a relationship with God and faith come into this? What practical steps are key to navigating this process well?

Recent Series

Lockdown Sessions 2 | Parenting In A State Of Emergency 

Shirley Pastiroff

This week we’re joined by Shirley as she talk us through various insights and techniques for remaining calm, present and engaged with your children at this very stressful and challenging time of lockdown. What is she seeing right now as a counsellor and mindfulness parent coach? What is green brain parenting? How can parents resource themselves and build greater resilience? What can you do when the red mist descends as a parent?

Lockdown Sessions 1  | The Enneagram

Julia Bloore

We have officially launched our St Paul’s Podcast, starting with a series of podcasts in isolation, named ‘The Lockdown Sessions’. For Week 1 we are joined by Julia Bloore as she explains and unpacks the Enneagram as a tool for understanding ourselves. What is the Enneagram? How do we find our ‘type’? And is it really any different to all the other personality tests? Tune in to find out.

Rhythms of Grace

Feb/Mar 2020

Matt Bruns, Sam Bloore, Jonny Grant, Emma West, Esther Grant, Sally Shanks

Recent Talks

Seeing the Unseen

Brendon Blade

Recent Series

The Power of Story

January 2020

Emma West, Alex Escobar, Matt Bruns, Sally Shanks

The Identity Course

The Identity Course Pt 2

March 2020

​Part Two of our Identity Series continues to unpack the Who Am I question.

Self- awareness is a vital key to our health and maturity as followers of Christ. Topics will include:

  • Owning our stories

  • Our Enneagram profile

  • Styles of relating

  • Safe and unsafe relationships

  • Healthy Boundaries

Speakers include Sally Shanks, John Carr, Julia Bloore, and Emma West.




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